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Nearly a whole year of Live Lounge!!!

May 08, 2021


As the title says, nearly a whole year now of crazy disruption to the Johnston household, the drive through's and the on/off Covid situation with regards to actual live gigging as we know and love it in Lanzarote.

Ok, the good news, if you didn't catch it on the CJ Facebook page, is that we have an actual gig! Aqua Suites in PDC are re-opening in preparation for the return of tourism hopefully from June and have asked us to play what they're promoting as a 'Residents Weekend'. The date will be Friday May 28th and whilst we're not sure on the actual kick off time we're fairly confident that Covid won't be an issue as long as people around these part stay sensible. Speaking of which, the recent increase in numbers here was down to one gym in Arrecife, they think they've caught it and we're all hoping that it's just a blip.

I'll see you for the drive through tomorrow and we've another fine set planned from 7pm (19:00GMT). Thank you for your continued support on both the Sunday and the Wednesday streams. It really is appreciated and thank you so much for the feedback regarding the recent CJ Blog Post. In case you missed it here it is: https://concretejungleband.com/CJBLOG/2021/05/06/sundays-from-darn-sarff/

Take care, stay safe, keep sane and we'll see you hopefully tomorrow.


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