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Time change, Weather update, Mad May...

May 01, 2022


First off an apology as I can't remember doing a post last week. Really sorry, I don't know what must've happened!

It's been our first week without masks over here following a relaxation in the rules and it does feel a little strange. We're still keeping our distance from the in-laws but we have had the odd mask free cuddle and it feels lovely for me personally ( Gazza ) as I'm a cuddly bloke and I've missed ya in all honesty. We'll see how it goes but it does feel as though the pandemic is behind us now.

The bar's been busy in the main despite a noticeable drop in numbers out and about. It is now 'Mad May' after all!! We had our now customary weird gig but the other four were very good, especially at the end. I still think the new time may not suit everyone but it does suit enough to warrant us being there up to now and after the 18 months to 2 years we had... well, you know the rest.

There will be a change of time to Thursday's gig from 6pm to a 5pm start as we've a wedding booked in later. Just to let you guys know well in advance. I'll put it on the page on the day and I've put it in the promo for this week. This means the Drive Through, if I remember to do it, will be on Friday all being well. Another note for the diary.

Talking of changes, we're going on holiday late June through to early July. It's around 9 days and although I don't have the exact dates to hand we have posted them already. We'll re-post nearer the time too.

And that is just about that from a blustery, albeit very warm, Lanzarote. There's a few of you over in the next week or two and it'll be great to catch up. Until then, take care, thank you as always for your continued support and if you like the streams then you know what to do... only as and when you can;-)


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