Love is an extremely powerful and mystical force. I have been with my husband for over 17 years and we have come to know the power of love very, very well! It has consumed us, destroyed us, and redeemed us all the same, and it continues to do so! Love has restorative, healing and redeeming power - but most people don't understand the dark side of love. Love is also one of the most destructive powers there is. Love has a way of dissembling and dissolving the old you! If not handled with care, you can find that you have become an angry, scared and withdrawn individual with mental and emotional issues, in the name of love. On the other hand, in a person who already has all of these issues, love can initiate a huge shift from them being a closed off, selfish, toxic, and unhealthy, to becoming connected, empathetic and giving.

Love will force you to realize that the ultimate sources of happiness, peace and joy reside within you, but it does this by reflecting all of your fears and insecurities back to you through the very person you love. The more you suffer dissapointment from clinging to others and expecting them to show you the love you crave, the more you will ultimately plunge into a space to depend on yourself for that love! Finally, once you have learned to love yourself that way you should, you will attract people and experiences that resonate with that pure, blissful, unconditional self love. Love is a conundrum and a mystery whose lessons and purpose escape most, but as with all things, spirit can help.

My "Love & Spirit" section of this blog is a collection of personal love stories that either belong to me or very close friends and family of mine. I share these stories in hopes of helping people understand love a bit better so they can navigate tithe lives with more wisdom and less drama. I will also incorporate some healing rituals and spirits that help tremendously in the matters of love.


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