Depending on what their belief system is, someone could consider me a starseed, light worker, light warrior, indigo child (now adult), healer, root woman, conjure woman, energy worker, seer, psychic, medium, intuitive or empath. Personally, I just consider myself to be connected. I can feel my connection to almost everything. I can sense things that are unseen. I know where my soul has been and I can feel the continued connection from the places and lifetimes I have lived in the past, am living in the present, and will live in the future. I am a witchy wild woman who walks to the beat of her own drum, and as a result, I don't see life or life's experiences like most others do.

I AM THE WITCH - I remember being a healer back when they were condemned by fire, and it didn't end well for me. Needless to say, I am reluctant to heal, but my life calls for it, so I do it anyway. I love nature, I love herbs, I love the wonder and amazement of crystals, I swear animals "speak" to me, I love the elements and I love the passing of the seasons. Most of all, I absolutely love solitude because that is when I feel the most connected to everything!

I AM THE MANIFESTING LIGHT BODY - I remember living in a different place where "people" were much more evolved and magick was a simple way of life. Somehow I am reluctant to practice what I know in my soul to be life changing energy work because I fear it will interrupt me too greatly to function in this reality, but I am slowly learning how to do this without causing that problem. Visualizations, emotions, sound (your words), mantras, thoughts and so on, all have powerful manifesting effects. I am learning to reconnect with this wisdom and practice this work in ways that are healthy and bring balance into this reality.

I AM THE UNINHIBITED LOVE/LUST GODDESS - I have been with my husband since 2005 and we want to be together for the rest of our lives, but we do not live together and we are not monogamous. We do our best to give each other the space required to learn and grow in alignment with our individual paths. I am polyamorous and bisexual, so our journey has been quite unconventional. I requested and implemented a certain level of fluidity early in our marriage to ensure both of us have the freedom to explore the bounty that life has to offer. I personally believe that a successful life long partnership must be rooted in freedom of self and friendship between one another. Conventional marriage simply wasn't going to work for me! It's not easy, but our love and commitment continue to evolve as we do.

I AM THE DIVINE MOTHER - I am a mother of three amazing children, but as much as they need my guidance, I have also learned that I do well to take their inner knowledge and spiritual perspectives to heart. I wholeheartedly believe that my children are old souls who have much to offer, so I listen and hear them out in ways most parents might be uncomfortable with. Between the three of them, I have grown to understand more and more about multidimensionality, other worldly existence, spiritual warfare, alternative health, and the power of love. It's a never ending journey towards heightened awareness and evolved consciousness with spiritual teachers and old souls that are my children. MANY of us have older souls and more evolved beings who came to us as children. It's how humanity evolves!

I AM THE MODERN HEALER - I have fought the wellness fight for myself, my friends and family members who have been stricken by chronic disease, mystery ailments, and common illnesses that effect the body and the mind. While I always defer to medical professionals, I have also personally witnessed how light therapy, sound therapy, aroma therapy, plant medicine and spiritual rituals can be of great benefit in the healing process. I prefer to incorporate both traditional and non traditional healing disciplines to ensure all avenues and possibilities are being pursued to achieve healing.

As you can see, I am all over the place. There is more to me than this, but this is what makes sense to share at the moment. I believe that the power of light and dark are equally important and effective in the journey of healing and enlightenment. I work with positive and negative forces. I with the light and the dark. I work with the past, the present and the future. I work with the mind, body & soul. I work with the seen an unseen and I work with nature, universe and the beyond. I keep myself open to all sources of healing, all lessons and all possibilities. That is me, in a nutshell.


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