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Alley Pond Park disappointing early mushroom hunt

May 04, 2021

Early mushroom hunting with my sis. Though we knew the risks that we could come home empty handed...and we did.

Found some Greater Celandine

some spice bushes

some wild rose flowers

and lots of wine berry vines with the floor covered in garlic mustard in the background.

It was super windy that day and as we walked amongst the creaking trees the strong winds thrashed them about to a point where we began to second guess whose bright idea it was of being easy targets for fallen branches, trees and the like that day. All in all with some constant quick prayers to the ancestors for our safety and surprised screams out of the two of us, we made it back home safely, though we were a bit embarrassed. (Being out there that day was the equivalent of standing in the middle of a field during a thunder and lightning storm).

When we got back I made loads of garlic mustard pesto. Some of which I used to gift to celebrity forager Steve Brill the following day.

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