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Hello! My name's Connor. I'm a gay Christian writer and blogger on Patheos, with a passion for photography (especially nature photography).

I love writing on Patheos, especially because I continue to learn more about faith and religion with every article I publish with them. Being a Patheos writer since February 2022 has helped me sharpen my faith in ways I never could've predicted.

It's been a strange but satisfying journey, delving into different corners of the "faith spectrum" to write my Patheos articles. I've explored Christian apologetics, Progressive Christian discourse (love you and your work, Brenda Davies/God is Grey), and the testimonies of Catholic saints for my topics.

Officially, I'm a United Methodist. Unofficially, I consider myself a "spiritual Catholic" after some of the beautiful experiences I've had, many of them centered on the Blessed Virgin Mary

Exploring the intersection of faith and sexuality as a gay Christian can be funky, to say the least. Some days, it feels like no matter how hard we try, other Christians refuse to see our existence as valid ("you can't be a gay Christian!").

While I'm a "Side A" gay Christian (affirming gay relationships), my heart hurts for my "Side B" colleagues who, despite faithfully holding fast to traditional views on marriage, still face invalidation from their peers.

I sincerely appreciate all of the support I've received for my writing! The kind words encourage me to keep going and mean a lot to me, especially when the days feel gloomy.  These "coffees" help me pay the bills, and are deeply appreciated! 

Thank you very much for supporting me and my writing!

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