Hey everybody! I hope you all are well and safe.

For my next blog post, I'm doing a bit of research on the Protestant/Evangelical/ vs Catholic debate over how Mary is seen by Christians. Evangelical Christians have expressed concern that Mary is outright worshipped by Catholics.

I'm saying this as a Methodist guy, but from what I've seen and experienced, nobody "worships" her. We appreciate her and adore her for the perpetual help she gives us in guiding us closer to God. To my knowledge, in the many apparitions we've seen of her throughout history, Mary urges us to draw closer to God, never to herself.

This is such a fascinating topic for me, especially because I've been feeling like I'm in a "spiritual crossroads" of sort. While I'm still a Methodist, much of my spirituality has a Catholic bent to it, due in large part to the experiences I've had surrounding the Blessed Mother.