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Hello! We are Conquer Thy Fear, two content creators from the midwest!

VampireAntihero is an artist and illustrator, who primarily works on webcomics and digital illustrations. He has a twitch where he streams as he draws, and also has a youtube channel where he hosts speedpaints and, soon, tutorials, and also offers commissions.

Legendary_Sapling is primarily a videogame streamer on Twitch who also writes, and from time to time creates cosplays and other various costumes.

We are a gay queer couple who are very open about that fact. We are also both actors. We care deeply for people and want to increase the positivity of the world, and build a community where people feel safe and uplifted. Both of us want to raise awareness for various causes that are important to us, including but not limited to: helping animals, LGBTQIA+ causes, mental health awareness, and income disparity in the USA (housing insecurity, food insecurity, etc.). Vamp wants to focus on uplifting people through his art, as well, and to make it easier and more accessible for people to have a space to create and to have access to art supplies.

Nothing exists in a vacuum, and we firmly believe that by lifting people up, we can help people with some of the problems that they are dealing with.