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Contrary World is an idea that I came up with to sort of...chronicle how the world works in a way contrary to how it should. The people who make the world go around - the salt of the earth - are people who often operate contrary to the world themselves. I wanted to create a place for people like this, who observe things like this.

As I look to finish my first attempt at writing a novel, I wanted to build a platform on which I could promote it and create discussion related to the elements that make up the story. Because it's a science fiction, futuristic dystopian story, it serves somewhat as a prophetic warning as to what could become of the world should we not correct the path our nation is on. 'A Spider In The Web' as it's called, offers a cautionary glimpse into what could come after the collapse of America.

Each week will feature a new blog post that centers around concepts found within the book as they pertain to current events. 'A Spider In The Web' has much to offer our present time so that we might avoid a future of similar fate. Each post will reveal excerpts from the book as they prompt topics worth exploring in more detail. This will allow readers to engage into a fiction story that could very well become reality within this very generation if no action is taken. Even though the history is predestined, it doesn't mean that ages are never prolonged or shortened for particular reasons.

The site itself also contains informative static pages as they pertain to topics explored in the novel. These essays and study guides are much more in depth and in detail. There's less of them and they'll be published less often. However they make up the backbone behind the novel and the purpose of this site's blog.

Hopefully all the content together can go towards helping empower others to prevent the worst from happening, and bring about light in the world. If not, then well - hopefully it can at least help others at least understand what's happening, why it's happening, and how there is ultimately a happy ending to look towards through it all. A sense of peace and happiness (contentment as opposed to mere pleasure) can be had in this life if we can achieve this kind of understanding.

By supporting my efforts, you help me to make it all happen minus a traditional publisher. If you have ever had a site, blog, or podcast, then you know the overhead costs of running such an operation. Come to find out, creating and hosting a website and self-publishing a novel is much more costly than I would've ever guessed.

Every little bit helps me in my effort to create content that can hopefully help caution others in these crazy times. The site can be a source of exploring such lessons, and the novel can inspire for those lessons to hopefully take root.

If you are able to spare any coin to donate to my work, I'd be deeply grateful. Otherwise you can receive exclusive perks and Become a Patron via By becoming a patron you receive exclusive perks, including chapters as they're edited, access to past chapters, a physical copy of the book once in print, and more!  These are perks that the average reader doesn't get to enjoy.  That's the least I can do if you support my work from month to month!

Thank you for considering making a good will donation and possibly your patronage.  Cheers!

-Kevin Walrath
Creator of Contrary World