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I'm an owner, not a renter. I'm building software to take back the web because I want the benefit of having all my stuff in one place (without sacrificing convenience).

6'5 • Technophobic Technologist • Node, Go, Rust, UX, Security.
Trying too hard to bring back the magic of 2012.

The A is for Awesome. The J is for Just Do It!

If you like what I'm doing, please keep me fueled up and motivated. Thank you for your support!

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Saved me a lot of time and frustration. Nice Info that has been tested and actually works!

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I learned to code by great examples; your upload to s3 the right way is one such. the wtf you mention in its intro seems to be the current status quo. the web needs a way to elevate sound approaches and wither the ubiquitous single tutorial "how to waste time learning nothing while pasting things that never could work or should never be implemented, ". Finding your solution in the comments of a bad-idea-good-seo makes me sentimental for dial-up BBs. You, sir, are a fresh breeze in room filled with the hot mouth-breath of fools. 

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Appreciate the work on the Git Credentials cheatsheet. Saved me time in my life to have a few coffees.👍 

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Thank you for answering my question on greenlock-express!