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If you are anything like me, you love music. But more than that, you love what music does for you.

- It brings you closer together with family, friends, and strangers sometimes (ever have an awesome conversation with someone you never at a concert or record store?). 

- Music can dull the sting when life is kicking you in the shins. 

- Music can bring up mental pictures of loved ones and good times to put a smile on your face. 

- Music keeps your toe tapping through an endless workday.

- Music helps you celebrate life with friends and family after the workweek and on special occasions (imagine a wedding, a campfire or a night at the local watering hole without music…. eeek). 

I create, perform and share music with all that in mind. 

The Mission

The mission is, and always be, to move you, inspire you and give you an experience that I know only music can provide.

Here's are a few ways I accomplish that mission.

First, write and record original music.

If you like classic bands and artists like Johnny Cash, The Eagles, Bob Seger, Lynyrd Skynyrd, John Mellencamp and Tom Petty. Or more current bands and artists like Randy Rogers, Sturgill Simpson and Whiskey Myers.

You'll like my stuff.

The link below will show you where you can hear my music.

Second, share music and stories on my podcast.

The name of my podcast is the Music Melting Pot.

I LOVE finding and sharing music in a variety of genres. Whether it's old, new, indie, mainstream, country, rock, blues, hip-hop, pop, whatever.

Each episode is a virtual mixtape with a unique combination of music and commentary you that won’t hear anywhere else.

If you like listening to music in a bunch of genres and like mixing it up a little, you'll love the Melting Pot Podcast (link below for that as well).

Click the link below to experience music with me. And if you'd like to support this mission, buy me a beer or become a member of the community by subscribing.