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I'm a Leadership Coach and Career Advisor at Invincible Career® in Northern California. I help you become an opportunity magnet so the best things in life come to you!

Hi! 👋 I just created this page here so that you can now buy me a coffee if you're enjoying my content like my newsletter and Medium articles!

I often work with people confidentially to help them create a personalized career plan that removes any vulnerabilities which may be holding them back at work. The goal is to help them transition to a bigger and better career and life with my guidance, support, and accountability.

I spent more than 2 decades in Silicon Valley Tech launching new businesses, products, and services (check out my LinkedIn profile). Over 9 years ago, I redefined my own corporate career to reclaim my freedom, health, and life.

I want to help other ambitious people do the same!

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Michelle Sundholm bought a coffee.

You are awesome Larry!!!  I’m so glad I met you and had the opportunity to collaborate. I think you have a brilliant mind and kind heart.  You and your family make this world brighter!  ~Michelle

Thank you so much, Michelle! I appreciate the kind words. :) I'm glad that we met, as well. You're the most talented voice artist I've known. It was a real pleasure to have you be the voice of Voicekick!

Kevin Hart bought a coffee.

Thanks, Kevin!

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LeeAnn bought a coffee.