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Ghosting Will Destroy Your Reputation

Feb 19, 2020

I’m not talking about the pain of ghosting that happens now in the world of dating. I’ve been out of that game for several decades, so I have nothing much to say on that issue.

Ghosting does leave people hanging with a million questions, but sometimes it is better and safer to disappear. I get that.

I’m talking about ghosting behavior in the professional world that is damaging your reputation and limiting your career. A mature professional responds to messages, follows up on requests, and cleanly wraps up discussions.

Just this week, a potential client ghosted me. We had an initial phone conversation, and he said he was interested in learning more about my career coaching services and how to work with me.

I emailed him the info over a week ago, but I’ve heard nothing since. I pinged him again this week to follow up. Still no response. I don’t get it.

Inexplicably disappearing and refusing to respond to repeated communication attempts is the sign of someone who avoids conflict and can’t communicate honestly. Perhaps some people don’t understand how disrespectful it is?

Regardless, it is a big mistake.

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