Ads have been the biggest source of income for content creators of all walks of life. They fund the creator and introduce followers to possible products of interest to them. However, is this the ideal model? Nowadays life has become very busy, people do their best to streamline their activities, automate tasks to save a few minutes. How about we do some calculations to assess the impact of ads in this scenario?

Our Scenario

To standardize our calculations, let's focus on the most consumed content today: videos. Let us assume an ideal example with the following characteristics:

  • Four common ads (Google Ads, etc) that interrupt the content and last for six seconds each.

  • An ad presented by the content creator within the video, lasting for thirty seconds.

  • Our ideal subscriber never uses any kind of adblock.

To The Numbers

That said, the total ad time for a video is 4 * 6 + 30. A total of 54 seconds. However, our ideal follower views no less than ten videos a day (you certainly watch more than that). So, per day, it's 540 seconds or exactly nine minutes.

In a week, it's 63 minutes. In thirty days, four and a half hours (04h30m or 270 minutes). In a year, 3285 minutes or fifty-four hours and forty-five minutes (54h45m). But our ideal follower is extremely loyal. He has been watching these videos every day for five years. It was 16425 minutes, a generous total of 273 hours and 45 minutes watching purely advertisements.

Did you find the number expressive? Well, we're talking about an individual, If you, the ideal content creator, have exactly 100,000 subscribers, all with the same behavior, that's 27,375,000 minutes. More than 456 hours(!) taken by ads. This is huge!

So, Why Migrate to Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding, in addition to taking little or no time for both subscribers and content creators, has several advantages:

  • Creator-friendly. You can take care of everything yourself, without the need for an intermediary network between the creator and the platform.

  • Subscriber-friendly. No anoying interruptions on your content. In addition, subscribers will have a wider range of ways to support their favorite creators. With a multitude of advantages (defined by the creator) that streaming platforms do not provide.

  • Streaming platforms have several issues in notifying subscribers about new posted content. Crowdfunding platforms solve this problem by having multiple methods of notifying a user.

  • Sometimes, sponsors may ask you to change your content so that it only shows the positive sides of a product. This can cause problems to the creator's image.

  • The above point can influence your freedom of speech. It is even a common clause in advertising contracts. You will not be able to speak up if the sponsor is offering a low quality product or has some other problem.

  • For crowdfunding, the income may be lower at the begining. But growth is aways organic.

  • Crowdfunding earnings are not affected by the streamming platform fees. And their fees are significantly lower and less bureaucratic.

  • And don't even get me started on the risks. Criminals love to impersonate potential sponsors to deceive content creators or take advantage of their image.


If not, I invite you to take a test. By reading this, you are already on a crowdfunding platform. Create an account, see how things work. You will have one more link to add to your "links in description". :)