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I am a musician, painter, yogi, mountain biker, writer, workshop leader, and life explorer. I believe celebrating our humanity through the arts is essential to our evolution.

Thanks so much for buying me a coffee.

Your support helps me to continue working on projects that for so long I only dreamed of doing. 

Every bit helps, and I appreciate it!

Navigating life on the edge can be tricky, every little bit of help means a lot. 

Thank you!

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2 of 2 “Art drives culture. Technology simply supports it.” Glad I am able to use the tech portion to support you guys!

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Hey Holly & Pauly. Thanks for reaching out with such passion to support your important work. I feel artists needn’t only suffer. The ability to have a firm perspective from strength supports art. This is 1 of 2 coffee shout-outs to you guys!

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Hey Paul and Holly! Thanks for your music and what you guys are doing. Enjoy a coffee on me! 👍  FYI: Paul’s BuyMeACoffee doesn’t have a payment receipt email set up, so CoffeeNada for Paul. lol.  Sharing is great n all, though thought you’d wanna know, so he doesn’t have to only bogart yours.

thanks! I will let Paul know, too. :) this is great!

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Wow! Thanks so much, Michael! I am just seeing this for some reason . . . I hope you are great!  Holly

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Holly & Paul - thanks for the very cool music on YouTube. Keep up the good work. Stay safe 😎

Thanks so much, Bill! You stay safe, too! <3