Share Top 5 Lockdown Activities Using #CovidFondBox And #KuchCorona With Family And Friends

The COVID-19 shutdown has placed high stress on communities and resulted in an epic "boredom" epidemic.

This site was inspired by a second-grader at home in lockdown. After being under COVID-19 "house arrest" for long enough to go completely stir crazy, she wondered what her friends were doing and if there was some way to help everyone in our community cope with this unusual moment in history -- and make some fun memories along the way.

CovidFondBox to the rescue!

Now, you can share activities, tag and stay connected with friends. The best part is: All that sharing will really help! For every "share" and "tag" we generate on social media, our sponsors will make a donation towards a credible COVID-19 relief cause. We really can beat this together!

Let's keep the momentum going! Share once or multiple times and have fun! Let your friends and family know what you have been up to.