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Hey 👋 we just created a page here. You can now buy our small team a coffee!

In January, we started a facebook page to provide a text update to Filipinos since updates from Department of Health are in graphics and therefore can't be viewed by Filipinos who mostly use free data to access facebook. We now have over 40k followers and counting. We post helpful reports even down to town/city level data.

We also noticed that the covid-19 updates from Department of Health are posted on their website that is not responsive so visitors can't properly view the updates on their phones. Since I've been on forced leave due to covid-19 since February, with 2 others I decided to build a responsive website with more updates. We also post stats and updates that are not given by DOH but are very helpful, from local to global updates and graphs.

With the website, facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels for our covid timeline videos, we literally work 24/7 yet unpaid for our volunteer work, not to mention our costs in web development, storage, and utility bills. Your help can allow us to continue this volunteer work and noble cause. Thank you


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