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Hey 👋I'm thrilled that you've stopped by The Crafty Musician's Member Community page! I'm Anitra Jay, creator of The Crafty Musician Blog. I write content geared to independent musicians discussing a range of topics including business tactics, branding, finances, marketing tips, encouragement, and my own experiences as an independent musician.

Join me on my quest to provide this informative and encouraging content to independent musicians like you. My ultimate goal is to create a platform for independent musicians to find the courage, support, community, and tools they need to launch a sustaining and long-lasting career as a musician. I provide thorough and practical advice based on my own educational background (in PR and Marketing) and personal experiences as a full-time musician. This is something I feel is very needed in our community as there are not many resources available like this from a personal voice out there.  It's not easy. It takes a lot of work. But it's rewarding every time I hear about how my tips and tools have helped to propel someone's music career forward.

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