15 Practical Ways to Promote Your Music ...

15 Practical Ways to Promote Your Music Online for FREE

Mar 22, 2022

There's a new post up on the blog - 15 Practical Ways to Promote Your Music Online for Free. There's also an exclusive content section in that post for members!

There are a lot of ways to promote your music online for free! So before you make an investment try some of these free options. They actually do work!

For example, have you tried creating a GMB page? This is something that small businesses rely on to get tons of local traffic. A lot of musicians have never even heard of this and they miss out on so many potential gigging opportunities as a result. Don't sleep on this important step in getting more paying gigs! And it's totally free!!!!

My favorite options are email marketing, blogging, and getting featured with influencers. These options are by far the best that have worked for me when it comes to getting exposure for free. Working with bloggers can be a lot of fun and can broaden your exposure like none other.

In the exclusive, members-only section of this post, I share how tweaking your email pitch to bloggers when you're trying to get featured can make a big difference in the number of positive responses you get. Because I'm a blogger myself, I'm privy to some of the poor email structures that musicians typically send and I'm sharing some of those examples with you guys, what's wrong with it, why it's wrong, and how to fix it. I also share my personal template I use that you can use as a template of your own. Coming at it from the other side has really shed some light on things we do wrong as musicians and how we can improve by just making a few simple tweaks.

What I've come to realize over the years is that marketing and promoting your music is more like building lasting relationships with people. You're building relationships with people on social media, subscribers on your mailing list, talent buyers and venues, local business owners, etc. In your marketing and promotions efforts remember these factors...

  • You are a musician with a personality and identity. Use it in all of your communications. It makes you stand out.

  • Be authentic and promote authentic encounters. Share real stuff about your life, lessons learned, the purpose and mission behind your music. This is what will promote long-lasting connections.

  • You are more than just your music. Your music has meaning and purpose. Tap into that when you write your promotions copy. For example, I'm not just an R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter. I create tunes that replenish the soul. See the difference? One describes what I do, while the other describes how one might feel after listening. Feature vs Benefit. The benefit is more intriguing.

Anyhoo, for more ideas on how to promote your music online for free check out the post here and don't forget to log in to see the special exclusive content for members.


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