🌈 The Blue Bird’s Way is a process for #brandstrategy that is the culmination of everything that I learned for the last 4 years mixed with a 🎶 Over The Rainbow 🎶 analogy (because I like it).

I tried to made it clear #process that it’s easy to use and accessible to everybody. ☺️

I’ll be guiding you through a series of steps where I’ll describe WHAT they are and WHY they should exist in your journey.

You’ll be also equipped with tools to help you make the exercises found in the process. ⚒️

Hope I’ll help you find a way to a #meaningfulbrand that you’re deeply proud of. 💖 A brand that is able to make its customers, clients, followers or employees become just one thing: your trusted allies. 🤝✨


Btw, everything was digitally #handmade by using #procreate so, if you see any mistakes like typos or bad spelling, please bare with me 🥺 Unfortunately, there’s no auto-correct when you draw letters 😅

👉 NEXT: You might need this when… 🤔

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Done with @Procreate for iPad Pro