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Welcome! My name is Crea S. Ward, and I write fantasy web novels to share with the world.  

Where it Began

I grew up around and inside of bookstores, so maybe it's not surprising that I started writing fantasy novels when I was in grade school. My first story still exists on notebook paper in a spiral-bound notebook - it was about a tiny dog who took a trip in a hot air balloon. From that day on, I embarked on a battle to establish my own voice and style (and to figure out what on earth I wanted to actually DO with my life). Today, animals still play a central role in my stories, joined by magic, and the supernatural. I'm a lover of nature, and my stories reflect our relationship with the natural world, as well as the powers of hope and belief. 

Why Web Novels?

When I started writing, traditional publishing was one of the only real routes to book distribution. Times have really changed since then! For a while, I tried my hand at self-publishing, but I just find myself doing most of my reading online nowadays, so I decided to take the plunge and create a fully web version of my works. I plan to still offer print versions, but I want them to be more like a work of art - signed, personalized, and something people are proud to own. 

Why Don't I Charge for All of My Works?

When you pay for an author's work, you are offering them a lot of things: fulfillment, gratitude, and at the end of the day, a livelihood. I believe that authors deserve to get paid, certainly as much as movie stars and other more public-facing denizens of the entertainment world. I also don't mean to undervalue my own work. Rather, I grew up without the money to buy books. I spent long hours in public libraries and bookstores. To this day, I have fond memories of, for example, hitching a ride to a library with friends or family heading out to work for the day, fulling knowing they couldn't bring me home till the end of their shift. I really loved books!

What I want is for everyone to have access to books, as if the internet really were a library! I want you to be able to read the stories you love, whether or not you have money to spare. I want you to have joy and warmth and interesting characters in your life. I want, most of all, to share the stories that have gotten me through the hardest parts of my life. 

I grew up thinking that one day, I would buy my favorite books to support the authors who wrote them. I always knew that if I had money to spare, I would share it with the ones who did great work, and shared their stories with me. So that is all I ask of any of my readers as well. If you love my work, share it, read it a million times, shout it from the rooftops. If you also have money to spare, well, I will accept it with gratitude, because you are letting me do something I love! Thank you for loving what I do just as much as I do!