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Hi there, 

Since 2017 I work in the tech industry and try to provide value to other people. 

Apart from creating free online work, I want to explore if I can build closer relationships with the people that consume my content. With buymecoffee it is possible for the community to give me feedback and develop new ideas. 

What I do

I write articles on medium (focus on programming and data science)  -

I have programmed various tutorials and apps including frontend, backend, data science, and machine learning and AI. - 

Additionally, I have done various non-profit work including giving talks, organizing meetups, and creating a non-profit organization. Check my LinkedIn profile for more -


If anything of this helped you or you want to show general support, feel free to do so. It helps me to keep doing those things, as they are quite time consuming and I also need to buy food and pay rent :) Thanks


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