Blindfold him and have him pleasure you with his lips and tongue while you are in a seated position. Use [ ] to signal to him when he should try something new.

I loved the moments when I got to dominate Kakashi. There was something about an apex predictor willingly doing my bidding that aroused me like no other. It was even better when I knew he like it.


A delicate balance between indulgence and supplication, my dominance over Kakashi provided him with the pleasure of having me ask shamelessly for what I wanted without being too much inside my own head “forcing” him to take the lead.


So, combining my favorite things to do (orgasm denial and limited mobility) and his favorite thing to torment me with (oral sex) I bound him to an evening of pleasuring me slowly and completely until we both couldn’t stand it.


Dressed in my birthday suit with a leather triple cock and ball strap dangling from a chain leash in one hand. a hog tie and cuff set in my other, and a blindfold on my head like a bandana I walk into the bedroom where Kakashi lay naked reading.


Saying nothing until I stand next to him, I ask in the silkiest tone possible, “You ready Daddy?”


Letting the book fall to his chest, he looks up into my eyes though I know his periphery has already taken me all in.


“You really do enjoy this don’t you?”


A playful question, but I still answered. “That’s right. Now get up and kneel in front of me so I can properly collar you.”


Though he gave no response except to comply, his pupils dilated rapidly and I could swear the red of his eye got a brighter shade of red. Partially erect in stature I place the objects in my hands on either side of him before reaching up to take his budding erection into my hands.


“What a good boy. You know how much I enjoy feeling you get hard before I lock your pleasure down with a few restraints.”


“This is about pleasing you, isn’t it?” Snarky, but suggestively hot his remark makes my clit ache briefly in anticipation.


“You are correct it is.” My voice a slight hum as fingers wrap around his rapidly tightening balls so I can tug on them in a milking fashion as the fingers of my other hand encircle his momentarily limp flesh before each stroke back and forth molds the soft flesh into a rock hard rod.


“Look at how hard you are. If I didn’t know any better I would say you wanted this more than you let on.”


His lack of response is encouraging. It means he is focusing on staying in control and not allowing my taunts to distract him. Continuing to stroke up and down his taught shaft with feather light touches a few more moments, I remove my fingers from his balls and take hold of the cock leash.


Bringing the open leather straps to the base of his cock, I remove my fingers and gently side it under lining it up with the length of his shaft and the start of his scrotum. Wanting to ensure extra teens ion from the start, I fasten the three straps around his length securely so there is no room to slide up and down his length before tucking the last strap behind his sack and fastening it.


Not leaving a lot of wiggle room, I savor the slight sound at the back of his throat that indicates the straps had successfully tugged on the skin and were stretching his balls with some discomfort.


Dropping the chain to the floor. I ground tied him before reaching up and removing the blindfold from my head.


“Any last words before I take your sight away?” My voice is a challenge and a tease.


His gaze never wavering, his only reply is, “I do not need to see you to give you more pleasure than you can handle.”


It’s my turn to focus and not give away just how much his words affected me. Smirking to hide my desire I say, “famous last words” before sliding the blindfold over his head to cover his gorgeous eyes.


With him immobile on principle, I pick up the hog tie and the end of the leash. Reeling in the chain only enough that he could step off the bed and walk behind me without issue, I gave a gentle tug signaling my desire for him to get up and follow.


From that moment on he was not to speak. I could but he was only allowed to use his mouth for one thing: pleasure me without words. We walked the few steps to the bed slowly using only the constant pressure I kept on the leash as I moved it left and right to indicate where I wanted him to go. Once at the foot of the bed I dropped the chain and ground tied him again before walking around to the head of the bed and removing my back rest pillow from my side.


Making sure my steps were quiet and the only sounds in the room was the pillow as it slid across the supima cotton sheets, I made my way slowly to stand in front of him.  Positioning the Pillow where I anticipated I would need it, walked around to stand behind him; the hog tie still in my hand.


Part of me wanted to place a hand on his shoulder and press him down to get him to kneel, but part of the eroticism in that was lost because his back was facing me. Instead, I just commanded it.




Without question or defiance he did as I commanded coming to a kneeling position so his legs from the knees down were behind him and his ass rested on his calves; his hands still resting at his sides.


Kneeling down myself, I place the first tie on his left ankle making sure it is tight enough to be a snug fit. When I moved to the right I smiled slightly. He had separated his legs the exact distance needed to make the binding tight but not require him to move and break the air of submission. This was not an educational session after all.


Wrapping my fingers lovingly around his ankle, I fastened the second tie belting it into place snugly before reaching forward and collecting his right wrist.


I was such a sucker for intimacy. In truth I would have thrown all this away just to link my fingers in his and have him lay me on my back as he slowly and lovingly made love to me; my hands caressing down his back as my leg wrapped around his hips. Forcing that though from my mind, I tightened the buckle enough to pinch his flesh before letting it slide into place snugly.


With his ankles and one wrist now secured, I reached forward and took up his left wrist in the same fashion before securing it to the last cuff. With his securely hog tied, leaving his only way to move shuffling on his knees, I walked around to the front where I reached forward and took the chain from the base of his still very erect cock making sure to graze the base slightly with my fingers before running them down the length of the chain.


With the leather handle at the end in hand, I sat on the edge of the bed and leaned into the back pillow so my body was at a one hundred and thirty degree angle.  Situated, I tugged sharply once letting him know I was ready.


What I loved about Kakashi was no two situations were ever the same. He never started the same, he never did the same exact things, and he never disappointed me only surprised me. Today was no exception.


Shuffling forward, he came to rest between my spread thighs; his eyes staring up at me. Even though I knew he couldn't see me he still looked into my eyes. Parting his lips slightly, he tilted his head sideways and waited. 


Cheeky bastard was bold. Smirking, I partially indulged his request for a kiss by bringing my head down so my lips could brush against his. As they descended down to his, all I could see was the clear steel grey of his right as the red of his left simmered with a dormant heat. The closer I got, the harder it was not to get sucked into falling against him and letting him ravish me, his eyes were just that intoxicating. Closing my eyes briefly just to clear my head, I let my lips ghost against his, the tip of my tongue peeking between them to moisten the plush surface of his lightly.


Pulling back, I open my eyes and brought my free hand up to gently clasp his chin which I guide closer to me. As if he can taste the very air around me giving him a sixth sense able to map my body using the unseen energy it emits, he takes over and leans in to place his lips perfectly on my jaw so his can kiss down its length before nipping at the sensitive flesh where my jaw meets my neck.


Humming slightly I try to stay focused on what he is doing and not the thought of his taught body straining to reach my flesh as his muscles quake slightly while they fight the tension he is bound by.


Being a patient man even as aroused a he was, he slid his lips down the right side of my neck kissing, sucking, nipping the flesh interchangeably; the sounds of my short gasps and the air being sucked through my teeth the only things that broke the silence against the slight tinkling of his chains.


Shifting backwards but not relinquishing the spell he cast on my barren flesh, Kakashi arches his back slightly and shifts smoothly backwards so his lips can begin to travel down my décolletage towards my breasts.


Making sure I savor every second, I move my right hand out to the right making sure the chain is taught so I can give a sharper tug at a moments notice. Taking the hint, Kakashi makes sure his trail of kisses follows the swell of my breast bye reverse orbiting it making sure not to come close to the nipple that remains soft but gained some sensitivity to surrounding air movements.


When his lips have reached the underside, he tilted his head sideways and nestled his lips under the meatiest part before opening them wider and sucking on the skin hard enough to give it a hickey. Taking a sharp intake of breath, I leaned back slightly giving him more room which in turn gives him a larger surface to cover.


Spreading his knees slightly to distribute his weight easier as he bends more into me, he brings his tongue to the now bruised flesh and licks from the base of my breast to the halfway point where my areola is. Over and over in long slow strokes he licks the area encompassing and surrounding the wound before nipping at the base of my areola and retreating to kiss the rest of the rotation towards my abdomen.


Letting him finish but unamused that my nipple is erect and aching after that last stunt, I pull the chain up and to the right suggesting his head needs to come back to center. The hitch in his breath makes me bite my lip and I can feel the moistening of my slit as my body becomes aroused enough to show my desire.


Nuzzling the inside swell of my cleavage softly so the pliant flesh of my breast ripples, he lifts his head, his warm breath caressing my skin instead of his lips,  and positions himself above the small, tight mound.


Suddenly hyper aware, my breathing has become heavier. I try to focus on remaining calm. Unfortunately, Kakashi has other plans. Bringing the tip of his nose to the base of my nipple, he traces counter clockwise circles that rotate out and in gradually from the nipple so he can tease the flesh and tighten the areola without laying his lips on the bud itself.


Leaning back farther to make the skin as taught as possible, I focus on my breath which with the taught skin causes the rotations to veer off course periodically so his nose brushes against the nipple instead of rotating past it.


Moaning slightly, I give him a small amount of satisfaction. "Daddy, don't be cruel."


Unable to speak, his only response is to dart out his tongue and swipe it across the aching bud briefly so I gasp. Arching my back, he capitalizes on the upward motion to rise slightly on his knees and envelop my entire areola with his lips before contracting them around the bud while his tongue teases the end.


Unable to control the involuntary action that occurs, My hands reach up and tangle in his hair; my hands sliding across the silken locks as the chain jerks suddenly and a pained grunt escapes around my nipple making me release the hand that holds the chain from his head to rest it on his cheek as I wince slightly. Sorry, but also not, I pull him into me not giving him any other choice but to nurse my nipple.


Shifting slightly, he sets in to the attentive ministrations I crave. Full tongue licking, hard sucking, careful biting, and tongue swirling all in a continuous interchange of pleasure and pain until my nipple feels raw, Kakashi plays with the bud.


When I can take it no more, I move the chain to the other hand and extend it pulling his cock right so he knows to move to the other breast. Sucking hard with the nipple between his teeth, he pulls my breast with him until he releases it suddenly letting it flop back I place sore and prickling from the cold air now surrounding it.


Wasting no time, he latches onto the other covering the unmarred flesh with numerous small hickies, slow to recede teeth marks and kisses making me gasp, whine and squirm before taking my nipple between his lips.


Never the same scenario twice.


Mostly sucking hard and licking on this one, he kneads the flesh using the suction from his lips to redden the flesh and make it tender. When it has become far to sensitive for his abuse, I pull at the chain until his face is directly between my breasts. Keeping the chain in hand, I place my hand on his crown and press down suggesting I now want him to begin his descent elsewhere.


Removing my hand, I lean back and recline against the pillow content to savor his kisses as they travel down my abdomen. Peppering its surface from left to right, Kakashi covers my stomach with gentle kisses until his lips come to rest on my right pelvic bone.


Nipping at my hip, I decide to take pity on him and brace my hands on the bed to allow me to rise. Though I love the idea of his body straining to pleasure me, I do not want him in unnecessary pain as he is bound in one position too long. Leaning forward to rise, I am met with a sharp nudge to the stomach with his forehead as he almost knocks the wind out of me pushing me back against the pillow.


Capitalizing on my lack of balance, he bends down and nips at the flesh of my inner thigh enough that I know he isn't being playful. He wants me to raise my legs. Scooting backwards slightly, I spread and raise my legs allowing him to slip in underneath them so my feet can either rest on his shoulders or over them.


Knowing full well I hate my legs being touched with anything but his hands, he doesn't waste time kissing up and down them. Instead he kisses up and down the depression created from my outer lip meeting my pelvis as it leads into the crease that traces my sex. Kissing first up one side and then the other, crossing over my pussy without touching it, he worships the skin that leads to my greatest pleasurer without indulging.


I can feel the juices begin seeping from my pussy as it readies itself for his touch and though I now crave it more than anything, I focus on my breathing and force myself to wait.


Able to clearly smell and almost taste my desire, Kakashi breathes in deeply of the sickeningly sweet scent of my arousal. Knowing how much I want it, he bends over and extends his tongue to lap of the juices that have slid down my parenium and over my anus; his tongue starting at my anus and licking upward stopping right before my entrance to repeat over and over again.


My anus puckers and clam shells, my core spasms but I keep my legs up and spread pretending do the best of my lucid ability to not want him as badly as I do.






Three times he laps at the fluid before placing his tongue at my anus and slipping it inside.


I cant help it. I whine out his name and clench the sheets desperate for either him to penetrate me or eat me. Unable to do one and unwilling to do the other just yet, he removes his tongue and brings it to my lower lips before slipping it in between the folds to lick up the inner left side first before doing the same to the right.


Reaching up and grabbing my breasts hard I harshly pinch my nipples wanting some other stimulation that will take my mind off of the torment he is putting me through.


Sensing my distress and not willing to let me take matters into my own hands, he gives me what I crave. The next thing I know my lower lips are around his and his tongue is caressing my clit with quick hard strokes.


Dropping the chain, I dig my fingers into his hair as my back arches and I try to ride his face. "Daddy please, please don't stop."


Slipping his tongue from my clit to my slit he penetrates my core with his tongue sucking the whole area with his lisps before removing his tongue and reapplying it to my engorged clit.


I'm needy, I'm whining. I'm tearing at his hair, I want him to fuck me. I want him to make me cum.


"Fuck you Kakashi. Fuck y-"


The rest I cannot say because his body lunges up mine somehow released from his bonds, and I do mean all of his bonds. His mouth covers mind, one hand tucks under my back to lift me up slightly as the other rips the pillow from underneath me as his foreleg on the beds] bears his weight, before I am pressed underneath him with his cock poised at my entrance.


"No my dear, fuck you."


Then I am screaming in pleasure as my walls wrap around his rock hard cock as he sheaths it entirely in my core. Wanting him, needing him, my lips kiss and suck on his as my fingers find his hand and link us together. 


Though his entry was rough his execution was gentle. Sliding in and out smoothly he bottoms out with each thrust making sure he stays deep inside me each time. Wanting to feel all of him, I pull my knees up as high as they can go alongside him without compromising his entry point and close my eyes wanting to just fee everything and nothing all at the same time.


Sensing my shift in desire, he pumps a little faster moving his kisses to my neck where he can tease the sensitive flesh with his lips and teeth making me moan even more.


Wrapping my arms around him I slide my hands up and down the intricate muscles of his back as I feel both his entry into my body and the strength it takes to contain his desire with each stroke; back muscles straining as he times his thrusts to match my excitement.


Moving my lips to his ear I release him from his trial. "Cum with me Daddy, please?"


Not wasting a second, we are slid up the bed until my head hits the headboard. Bracing for what I know is to come, I grip onto the wooden beams that are evenly spaced and brace as his legs tuck under to raise my hips slightly and his back curves like a bow being drawn as his hands also reach out to grab the headboard.


Then all I can do is accept him with my whole body as he slams into me over and over; our breathing heavy, his stomach muscles constricting as his hips thrust forward and his cock pounds in an out of my clamping walls.


There is no warning. The knot in my stomach grows and then burst as he licks his thumb and then swipes it over my clit timing it with his thrust so I cum hard and fast; his eyes never leaving mine as he watches the ecstasy develop and peak on my face as my orgasm rocks my body.


He is cruel and he is kind. He is hard and he is gentle. He is my light and my dark.


He is everything.


The moment my pussy convulses he loses control and explodes inside me letting the warmth of his pent up seed fill me to the brim before pooling out the base and sides. Having deprived him so much unknowingly I was amazed he didn't have a cramp from all that blockage.


Savoring the feel of body slowing and his eventual shift to collapse on his back before rolling me on top of him, someone keeping himself from slipping out before he was completely limp, he cradles me against him before pulling the blankets from the unused side of the bed over us making us a lovers taco.


Smiling, I kiss his chest and close my eyes. Nothing is better than this. At least not until the next time.