Not a story but a description of scenarios discussing what Ace would do with object he could apply to your body, a sensation he could make you feel by adjusting temperature or do to your body.


Object: Ice

Location: Nipple


With you on your back Ace would make sure the cube has a nipple sized hole in the center and would place the freezing cube on your nipple leaving it to melt for a few moments so the feeling of your freezing nipple contrasts with the cool water that would drip down and over your breast. If he felt really cheeky he would put your finger in his mouth and suck on it inserting it in at different lengths so your attention was split between the cold on your nipple and the heat of his mouth. After a few seconds he would place his moth over the cube and your nipple and crunch up the ice before tracing his cold mouth over to your other breast so he can capture your room temperature opposite nipple and freeze that one with an odd mixture of hot and cold; his mouth slowly heating his bristling cold touch. 


Location: His Cock


Ace loves when you have chunks of ice in your mouth and you give him a blow job. The small balls of ice rubbing up and down his cock as your mouth heats it and your lips constricts as you swallow trying to pleasure him while not choking or spilling the water plays into his slight asphyxiation kink. He also loves the feel of your tongue as you brace it against the base of his cock when you swallow. 


Location: Your Pussy/Anus


Holding a cube in his teeth or between his lips, Ace loves stroking your and anus with ice. He loves watching  both pucker and contract. It makes his cock throb and leak a little at the thought of plunging into that tight rebelling warmth.



Object: Toys


He likes putting objects like nipple clamps, silicone dildo's, butt plugs, Ben Wa balls, anal beads and the like in baggies in the fridge to freeze overnight before bringing them out in a wine chiller and using them at varying intervals. His favorite is inserting a cold object into your pussy and fucking you with it as he heats his hands briefly with his flames before applying them to your torso, back and breasts. The conflicting sensations draw out the most delicious sounds from your body and he never gets tired of it.


Object: Ropes/chains


He has put these in the freezer and even heated the chains with his flames before applying them to your body when they cooled to safe temperatures. He has also heated the chains on your body to varying degrees depending on where the knots were and what he was doing to you. If the knots formed a diamond pattern over your pussy he would cool those before going down on your and inserting his heated fingers inside of you. 


Location: Shower


Ace loves fucking you in the shower. He also likes playing with the water temperature. Being able to naturally heat his body he loves that you cling to him if he makes it too cold. He also loves how hot your pussy feels when your outside body temperature drops. Your nipples get so hard and your clit seems to be more responsive to his touch as well. 


Object: Food


Ace loves using food especially sweet food like berries, ice cream, whipped cream, jell-o and the like on your body when you are in bed. The cold sweetness mingles well with the heat of your body making the taste of your skin even sweeter. Watch out the nights he uses food because he can go for hours with how turned on just kissing and licking you makes him. He especially loves it when you turn the tables place a series of jell-o rings on his cock that you then eat off as you go down on him. The slippery feeling of the jell-o, the heat of your mouth and the lewd sounds you make, make him go crazy.


Location: His Ass.


He won't lie but he also won't volunteer that Ace loves fucking you with something cold up his ass. And by cold he means mother fucking frigid. Something about the cold against his prostate as his cock is enveloped in your squishy warmth has him damn near cumming as soon as he enters you. Usually saves this for when you guys have had a few rounds and he wants to cum so hard he kills brain cells. 


Note: Ace does not use temperature lubes or stimulants. He prefers to manipulate temperature manually. He also doesn't use wax. He never wants to use anything that could hurt you and wax is a hard substance to control for a fire user.