Well, hello everyone. I want to share about my coffee experience.

I've started my Baristas career about a year ago. Its fun! making coffee, steaming milk, grinding beans etc. At first I don't really like the taste of espresso, the taste is so strong! the feeling in your mouth is like drinkin liquor but different.

Long short story, it's already feb 2020, and I was at the terrace had a slight thought, that was the time I realise that i've been a year being a Barista!

I take a look on my self, things that I got after a year. So, it's quite much, but not really much,

I can calibrate the beans, I can do the dial, I can make a LATTE ART! omg I remember it was so hard to even make a heart one at first, I can make a mocha, dalgona, charcoal coffee, palm coffee milk, long black, americano, cappuccino (for sure, this one is sacred), and my fav is ice freddo.

Well I want to share a little bit story about freddo.

Freddo is a steamed espresso & ice, then served to a scoop of ice.

The taste is like long black / americano but creamy! uh gosh really delicious!

you guys should try some times!

And you know what, the barista fee here in Indonesia is really sucks, standard payment for barista is about 5$-8$ A DAY! Even once I've payed only 25$ a month! imagine how cruel is that!

But anyway, I'm here consider my self as a student that learning about coffee, who learn but got payed. That way, really help me reduce my self of my stress.

I'm out soon from the job guys. I think I'm good enough to be a Barista, I have enough skill in barista i think, maybe someday, just maybe I could open a coffee shop of my own!

Thats it for today guys, gosh, just find out that writing is really fun tho!

I'll post another tomorrow, or I mean tonight, It's 4am anyway.

I don't know why i can't upload picture or video can someone help me out here?

Ok guys, see you tonight