I’m not sure how this is going over so many people’s heads. It's likely the last line that tricks you unless you’re careful.

Line 1 shows us that 1 coke = 10 each

Line 2 shows us that each burger is 5 each

Line 3 is a burger (5) plus two sets of TWO bags of fries each is 9. Therefore, each pack of two fry bags is equal to 2.

In the last, it’s important to notice it’s only a single order of fries as opposed to the 2 above. Making it equal to 1. This means it reads 5 + 1 × 10.

Now, whether you use the PEMDAS or BODMAS order of operations doesn’t matter because in either case, multiplication comes before addition. This means that 1 x 10 = 10. And 5 + 10 equals 15.