Once upon a time, a businessman manage to afford a vacation in a quiet place, on an island.

The island had a generous harbor, where the rich man anchored his yacht. It also had a surprisingly neat beach, on which the rich man used to walk, enjoying the view.

Every day he passed a fisherman, he seemed poor. He watched him going out early in the morning, throw the nets and wait 2–3 hours to lift his nets, come ashore, empty the fish directly to wholesalers who them headed to the market. There they sold fresh fish.

After all this work, the poor fisherman retired to his modest shore hut and rest for the rest of the day.

The rich seeing that he is doing the same thing every day, the rich man decided to talk to him, to give him some advice's.

  • Good morning fisherman

  • Good morning sir

  • I see you are quite busy, you business is doing quite well, but you still seem quite poor. Can I give you some advice’s on how to get rich?

  • Say sir! answer the fisherman.

  • First of all, with some of the money you earn, it would be recommended to buy new tools an a better boar. This way you will be able to fish more and sell more.

  • And then, asked the fisherman

  • Then you can go out in the lake and in the evening, for the second fishing trip. You will sell more fish not only for market traders but also for restaurants. If you set up a refrigerated storage space you will be able to fish more an you will have fish available at any time.

  • And then, asked the fisherman

  • Then, if you see that you are moving good, you can hire more fisherman's to help you fishing. You will even be able to buy a boat or two, to expand. You will fish much more. You will build a cold storage for fish and you will be able to supply the entire market and restaurants on the beach.

  • And then, asked the fisherman

  • Then, you open a fish and container distribution line. you will thus become an exporter. you will build a fish depot on the continent and you will be able to sell fresh fish directly from the big port, so you will make a lot of money, you will have many employees, managers, accountants… the business will prosper in this way a lot and you will become rich.

  • And then? asked the fisherman

  • Then you will afford various luxuries: cars, houses, holidays. You will be able to visit the whole world. You will be able to have a vacation as mine: to sit quietly, to walk on the beach, to sit under the umbrella and to watch the see, the sunrise, the sunset, to rest when you want. You will be fulfilled.

  • What you think I’m doing now? Don’t I do this every day? answered the fisherman.

An interesting story whose end I let you imagine.

How is the rich and who is the poor?