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Hey Creepers! 
We created this space as a way for you to buy us our weekly caffeine of choice & to get a thank you shoutout in an episode. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support but know that we appreciate every single one of you. Don’t forget.. Stay creepy, love you byeeee!
Amy Thomason
Amy Thomason bought 3 caffeine of choices.

Thanks for making me do something that I normally never do on Monday’s: laugh!

Rachel Germann
Rachel Germann bought 5 caffeine of choices.

Thank you for creating hours of creepy stories and laugher for us. I always feel like I’m hanging with friends when I listen to your podcast. You both are awesome!

Mioshee Greer
Mioshee Greer bought 5 caffeine of choices.

Enjoy ladies!! SPOOKY STARBUCKS!!

@lady.meara bought 5 caffeine of choices.

Love you, byyyeeeee~

Katie Herrera
Katie Herrera bought 5 caffeine of choices.

We love the podcast! I got my mom and sister to listen! My bestie Angela listens too and we love talking about it together!! You have got to try Cafe Bustelo.. it’s a Cuban coffee. You can make espresso with it which is the best!! cafe con leche (or latte) is our favorite!