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Hi! Thank you so much for being here.🤗

Sometimes, people who purchase my books also say,

'Here's something extra, so you can buy yourself a coffee.'

I find this gesture very touching, supportive, and kind.

Most of the money I make from my book sales at the moment go into paying rent, buying food, and creating more art.

You can now buy me a coffee on here, if you wish to do so. 😊

Since I don't really drink much coffee, your kindness will feed the projects I'm working on.

I'm currently trying to bring to life several manuscripts, especially the story ARTHUR which is about friendship and conquering fears. The protagonist is a bunny. Why? Well, why not? Also, I'm quite fond of bunnies, they're cute. I think this story will help many individuals. It certainly helped me at the time of writing it.

In 2021, I wrote and published Basil and the Waltz of Colors, which is quite a humorous story. It's about a man who lives in a colorless world and then starts to discover color bit by bit. You may already be aware of this, if you've backed the project (THANK YOU!). In 2022, I'm focused on having this story translated to different languages (especially French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian).

I will continue to make more ASMR reading videos and post them on my YouTube channel because a couple of people have told me they find them relaxing and helpful.😊

I will continue to offer my services to other writers. I can give advice about writing fiction, and practical support for designing and publishing books. I already post that kind of advice on my YouTube channel, but if you require extra help, I can do that for you.

Thank you so much to all of you who have already bought me coffees and in this way helped me make the story of Basil a reality. You have kept me focused and hopeful I can achieve my goals sooner, rather than later. You are awesome!

Best wishes,
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