When I was in highschool in Romania, I used to collect newspaper clippings with quotes from various people. I lived with my grandfather for a while and I was commuting to the city most mornings to get to my classes. I used to wake up at 5:30 or so, get ready, walk 20-25 minutes to the main road to catch the bus which would then take roughly 15-30 minutes to arrive at my final destination. Sometimes the bus would break and we would wait until it was fixed to resume our journey. I remember some winter days could be so bitter cold, with the wind blowing, twisting and switing the snow, but the music played in the bus or in my headphones usually lulled me into a romantic state, unless I was stressed about a class or an assignment.

We didn't have a TV at my grandfather's home in the village, so reading the newspaper was fun. We also used to listen to the radio a lot, something my grandfather still does. I would often borrow books from the city library because a newspaper and a radio can fill only that much time. I remember eating lots of red apples, and chocolate covered biscuits, and flipping lots of pages a day.

I still often remember collecting the newspaper quotes, although I have no idea where they have ended up after I finished highschool and I came to study at university in the United Kingdom.

They're a nice memory from when I was younger, discovering stories and writers, so they stayed with me through all this time. They always made me smile, even when the quotes were somewhat sad at times. They made boring times exciting, and difficult times bearable and inspiring.

They made me aspire to be an author, those quotes, alongside many other things.

Now, I would like to share a quote each day with you, preferably from books, but they might be from other places as well. Some you might have already encountered, others I hope will be totally new to you, therefore brightening and enriching your day.

Here comes quote nr. 1:

“There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

This is a great quote, in my opinion. Although initially someone reading this might think it's a quote about love and relationships between people, and I think the author had that in mind, this can also be about something else.

It's the idea of love that attracts me. That there are many kinds of love. Love is not stuck. Love is like the air, or the water, or the soil - it's different, depending on where, how, and who interacts with it.

It's the idea of a unique love that is available in many ways that is touching to me. Most people think of a first love as the great love of their life, or they think about love in terms of the only real love of their life, but I think what this quote can mean is that love is unique each time because we as beings are all different and therefore there are many unique loves we can have and gift as well.

I love trees, maybe you love cats.

I love a long dark-haired man, maybe you love a blonde woman.

I love my nieces, you love your kids.

We both love ourselves, or if we don't yet, it would be very wise, useful, and lovely if we did eventually. 

Love is a gift, in it's many wonderful ways.

Best wishes,


PS: This is a raw piece, written in the very early hours of this morning. I hope you love the quote, if nothing else.