"If there are no windows, they must be invented."

― Marin Sorescu, Iona

This was one of the quotes I used to collect. I remember the light pouring through the window in my grandfather's small kitchen (which also served as his sleeping room) as I was reading the newspaper that day. I could be wrong, after all, it's been more than 12 years since that moment, but I think about it and it feels as if I can almost touch it. The sour cherry trees with their leaves and branches trembling in the gentle wind in the corner of the courtyard, the warmth of the sun (or it might have been the warmth of the fire heating the room if it was winter, but I'm almost sure it was spring). Anyway, I think the above quote has a great idea expressed in few words. I read it in Romanian back then, but the English translation conveys the meaning quite accurate, I believe.

Find a way.

Best wishes,