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Are you hoping for a British Edition of Basil? It's coming!

Jul 21, 2022


In case you've been wondering why there's a U missing from the title of my latest book, BASIL AND THE WALTZ OF COLORS, that is because it was published with American spelling. I have been concerned for a while that this may cause issues for some readers (especially since I currently live in the UK and this is where I will be having most of my physical events), so I've considered publishing a British edition as well. Initially, I thought having two very similar books may be confusing. There's also the issue of gathering reviews for a book. Reviews can be super challenging for an independent author to accumulate and having two separate editions meant the book's visibility might be compromised even further since the reviews will be split between markets. However, I want to make sure readers have the most pleasant experience possible when they are reading my stories, so, in the next couple of days/weeks, I will be working on checking the text and doing the necessary changes for the publication of the British edition of Basil. The full cover is already done as it required very few changes (the violet/purple border won't be printed, just keep that in mind when looking at the image). Here it is:

I am, however, mostly focused on ARTHUR at the moment. Since I last posted, I made several changes to the manuscript, quite drastic ones, I would say, but all for the best (I think, I hope). The story now has over 3700 words — it's much longer than it was previously. After some recent feedback from a friend and considering several things several times, I've added quite a lot of dialogue, and a new and paramount character has emerged. It's a much heavier story than the one which I read and posted online some years ago (which you can watch here if you wish to do that). I wouldn't say that the story of Arthur is any longer a story for children, certainly not for very young ones (although it can be read to read to them). I see this story more for adults now and I imagine the book being a 6 by 9 format, of about 75-80 pages. I also have the idea of the illustrations being quite playful and numerous, perhaps about 32 (33 with the cover). This means A LOT OF WORK and A LOT OF MONEY. This also means the book will take much longer to create. I don't think it has a chance of being done this year and I'm OK with that. Good things, great things take time. Now, I may be blowing my own horn, but this is how I feel. This story is personal for me, it deals with a lot of trauma and I think it can be of help to many individuals. Time will tell.

I'm thinking to post the story here as I am working on it. Would you like that? I have uploaded it as an Extra you can claim here, since I'm not quite ready to make it free for the general public or even available just to previous supporters. You can currently buy to read it if you'd like, your support will help the creation of the book. As in the case of BASIL, in which one can find the names of all my BMC supporters and perhaps boast a bit to friends and acquaintances, I will do the same with ARTHUR. Furthermore, I will include your name even if you buy me just one coffee, instead of three as I did last time. I'm aware this is an even more ambitious project, which will cost a lot to create (as you can see from my goal), and involving more of you will help bring the book to life sooner instead of gathering dust as a plain printed manuscript for who knows how many years. Please tell your friends and other individuals you think might be interested in being a part of the creation of a book. Help me spread the word. It matters.

Thank you and best wishes,


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