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Would you like to learn a new language? I have a book recommendation for you.πŸ€—

Jul 22, 2022


After writing the post yesterday and publishing it, I realized I forgot something. I recently finished a book which I highly enjoyed and I wanted to recommend to you.

For a while I've been thinking about learning another language, not necessarily to be fluent at it, but to at least have a basic vocabulary and be able to communicate with a native in case of an emergency, or simply for fun. I've seen a person I briefly photographed some years ago on the street in Canterbury released a little book about that subject and the cover was well designed and colourful. The title is also catchy and easy to remember. So I finally picked up a copy and read it some days ago. What a great experience! More than anything, the book is uplifting and it makes you feel like you can learn how to learn a language relatively quickly. It has approaches which I very much appreciate because it talks about how to learn according to your needs and circumstances, not in a general way that you have to stuff random words into your mind and try to memories them. I left a review and when you'll check the book you can read more about what I wrote regarding it. Here is the book cover. I hope you enjoy it and find it as useful as I did.

My only concern regarding this is which language to start learning first because I have at least three on my mind that I would like to learn. But that's a good challenge to have, I think. 😎

I've been thinking and I might pick up one of these books as well, or several of them (because they are available for various languages), to make the learning visually exciting. Have you ever had one of these books? If yes, how did you like them? I found clips on YouTube with this book being used for one of the languages I want to learn, so I will be using that as well. It's a valuable resource to have. Alongside a dictionary, I can see this learning going well.

What language, if any, would you like to learn?

Work on ARTHUR carries on, in fact, last night I was up again making notes on my phone about little bits I need to edit today once I'm at my computer, and I've also wrote a big chunk for the beginning of the story which I'm very happy about. There was something nagging me about it and I couldn't quite figure out what it was. I think I have it now.😊

I can't wait to share this new version of the story with you, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Best wishes,



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