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Hello everyone & welcome!!! Right off the bat, thank you SO much for your time and consideration! I am Cris the Girl, and I make videos on YouTube! I like to share all sorts of hobbies and interests with anyone who wishes to listen & watch! I love plants, theme parks, conventions, exploring new places, and in general, just sharing my life! Please know that it is my goal to offer full transparency in regards to where and what your support for this channel is going towards. 100% of your support goes DIRECTLY into making this channel the best that it can be! I have a full time 9-5 job which allows me to pay my bills, buy food, and do reasonable activities for the channel, but your support allows me to dream bigger and provide better quality videos! For example, I recently made a big purchase of buying a camera, which would have taken me a very long and difficult time to save up for! Now I can provide higher-quality videos for you all and it's completely thanks to thoughtful people like you!!! Again, thank you so much for your time and consideration, that alone means the world to me! I hope you enjoy the content!!!✌🏼❤️✨☕️