From November 4, 2021 until late March 2022, we are in a sprint that is also a marathon. (We will enter a new phase after that.) It is powered by the sun, moon, and astrological alignments including a Solstice Venus and Pluto conjunction, Uranus opposition, close approach, and retrograde (leading to solar conjunction), and a lot of double alignment days (more on those as they come).

As part of this, we will be getting planetary connections that we are not 'used' to. We also have rapidly heating up solar cycle 25 that is putting out more strength in flares now than even back in 2012. What that means is: New things are happening in a supercharged environment after a year and a half of processing. The planet is lit. We are in a major 'yes' moment that starts right now.

As I will share in this post and in the upcoming months: Getting grounded in a healthy lifestyle is one of the best things any of us can do. This includes taking care of our souls, but also recognizing that we will also experience this in our physical form. This is going to be intense for our bodies. Right now is an excellent moment to start preparing. So too is now the perfect window for the precursor to intention setting. To sit with yourself and think: What is it that is really important to me? What will I focus on this season? Where will I apply this power that is coming through these alignments? Now is the window to kick start a season of healing and growth, regeneration and inspiration that is designed by and for you. Click here to read more about this unique moment and how to work with it to your personal advantage: