Katie IndiCrow’s Wishlist
GoPro Hero Creator Edition

I have the goal to start making videos again. These are in two main categories: 1) How to videos to create a skills library that anyone wanting to know 'how to' with basics of energy can come and get good information in video format guiding them through it. 'How to Smudge Your Crystals' is an example of that.2) Podcasts and video productions showcasing the sacred earth adventures and the site visits I go on. I do a lot of hiking and ceremony. 2023 is the year that I start putting these things together as small episodes and a mini documentary series. This camera will give me the ability to record in all weather and with better quality than my current equipment. 

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Microphone stand

I am working on doing new meditation and smudge videos. I require a mic stand to keep my microphone close for good sound quality and my hands free.

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