Who's the Crude Club good for?

It's good for READERS. Every month, you get:

  • Frequent exclusive updates - every day or two, check back for more!

  • A growing catalogue of content, with dozens of short stories and several long-form stories.

It's good for COMMISSIONERS. Members enjoy:

  • Generous discounts on commissions - just one commission a month pays for more than your membership! (Worth $20/commission)

  • The potential to win a free commission each month (potentially $68/month)

It's good for WRITERS/ARTISTS. You'll receive:

  • Weekly articles in my Writing One Handed series, where you learn how to create huge volumes of quality content. You can save a fortune - or even MAKE money - by writing erotica as well as I do (worth $50/month, not including what the access to my growing backlog is worth)

  • Access to me to pick my brain. I won't share my secrets to anyone outside the Club. Want to learn the secrets to my profitable and satisfying erotica? Just ask! (Value: writing coaches can charge $50-$200 per consult, even over email)

That's hundreds of dollars of value per month - if not more.

The sooner you join, the sooner you'll access all of this and more: