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Hey everyone!

My name is Alona Shevchenko and I'm the co-founder & Ops lead of Ukraine DAO - a Web3-native collective helping defend Ukraine against the unprovoked r*ssian invasion.

Our community has raised over $8m, made the largest donation to Come Back Alive in its history and we are currently focusing on countering r*ssian propaganda and amplifying Ukrainian voices. You can read the story of our formation in this excellent article by Fortune or exlore more media coverage about us on this page

If you've not been following Ukraine DAO's work, you may know me as a mildly annoyed Ukrainian girl on Twitter. 

I'm very grateful for all the love I receive online from Ukraine's friends. Having been asked a lot recently about how people can support me in my efforts to get Ukrainians heard by the world, I decided to set up this page.

All my content remains free, no paywalls. You can follow me on all social networks (all links - in my Linktree) and read my blog

Thank you and Слава Україні!