CARDANO, my favorite project

CARDANO, my favorite project

May 06, 2021

ADA is its symbol and the great thing is that it is still under 2 dollars. Unlike many cryptos that have no use cases, Cardano is already making strides to separate itself from the pact. Of all companies, it had been chosen to lead the way to integrate blockchain technology in the education of an entire country: Ethiopia.

A team with the backing of an entire country is a team, in my opinion, worth the risk investing in. The future is bright for Cardano, and, it could possibly rival Etheureum in its utility.

As a former stock investor, I learned that there are many noises in the investing world. These noises are unnecessary information. That is all you really need to know about Cardano right now. Everything else is noise. Sure, they have many other deals in the works. But, that's for later posts.

I will add to my position in Cardano shortly after I watch the baseball game while having dinner.

This post is for entertainment purposes only and solely my opinions. I am not a financial advisor. It should not be mistaken for financial advise. I am solely a former stock investor who decided to take on crypto investing in order to satisfy my hunger for technical analyses. And, in crypto, you do that often.

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