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Cheers to Kopi Senders & CryptoKnights!

Apr 21, 2021

Hello there everyone!

As you already know, this has been a hard month in terms of our streams on due to Facebook's algorithm. Nevertheless, your support is much appreciated. Looking at the brighter side of things, we have a few milestones that I want to share with y'all.

• Huge success of Defense of the Ayskrim wherein we took part as Jeykcoast's co-caster
• Lauren Young noticed how positive the entire Genshin PH Community is, as well as our casting skills!
• The 31st video of The Crypto Project is released!
• We reached 1K Subs on Youtube!!
• Algoritmo's Hiling is now available on Spotify.
...and many more!! But yeah, these are my Top 5! *wink*

What to expect? Of course, more collabs, events, and some meaty content! Here's a sneak peak of what's to come! You guys will know it first since you are special to me. Yiee. <3

• Teyvat Season S3: New Streamers Edition — we currently have P10K prize pool and still open for sponsors! More details about this will be posted some time next week. I am excited!!
• CrypTalks EP4
• The Cheesypanda Podcast Series will resume soon from Episode 11 onwards.
• An upcoming program feat. Drizzlybear
• The Crypto Project S3
• Who Wants To Be A Cryptonaire Vol5!!!!
• A huge surprise for every Cryptonator and CryptoKnight!
• Algoritmo Part 3 & 4
• CN Streamers Revamped — For CN in-house streamers, I will personally mentor/teach you about streaming basics and stuff! T'was a success for Arri so we are making it live for everyone!

All in all, I couldn't do this without you guys, my solid supporters. You are all the reason why I keep on striving to be a better content-creator, and feed you with all the best content that I can produce! I love you all. I do hope that you keep on supporting me on this journey. You are all a part of this!!


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