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Jul 02, 2021

Hello kopi-senders! As you already know, I am religiously playin' Ragnarok X at the moment. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna quit/leave the most loving community of Genshin Impact.

As a matter of fact, our 39th video of #TheCryptoProject is already a WIP. I do hope that you'll still continue to support this long-term content— I won't stop to create quality anime OPs/EDs that will surely capture your heart! Arigatou for always inspiring me to do more!!

Here's a list of what to expect as the new month approaches:

• More ROX content! This would still focus and revolve around the guild, the game, and being a casual player. Lol. So whatever content/mini-games that we can throw in there, I hope you'll still look forward to it. We might have some viewer games and guild events too!

#TheCryptoProject: 39th - 40th videos. 1 anime OP and 1 anime ED. This shall conclude the S2 of our collection!

#WhoWantsToBeACryptonaire Vol.6 c/o Sandbox Gaming and Entertainment! They'll be our sponsor for the series moving forward so please give them some love as well. Did you guess who's on the photo when we posted our teaser?

#StrengthInNumbers #SIN #LoyaltyRewards conclusion courtesy of Nox Bot / Rad / Madelaine Villanueva-Clemente, sponsored by Dre Elle!! Who's the most loyal amongst everyone? We will reward the prizes soon! Thank you guys for making this possible.

#PowerOfFriendship Giveaway!!! $14.99 VIP Pass for ROX players (or Gcash equivalent for non-ROX #CryptoKnights and #Cryptonators). Stay tuned on our page for more details.

#OpenMic with Jiapatata. We are making sure not to rush any episodes and each one would fit your hunger for content!

#TheCheesyPandaPodcast | Special Content Reveal! S2 coming your way as well with some twists and a well-deserved revamp!!!

Link to series 1:

Link to series 2:

#Algoritmo IV with Summers, Jeyk, Sharayah, & Harakeeri. Our songs are also available in Spotify. Just search for Algoritmo. If you wanna sing along, here's the link to the lyric videos:

#DefenseOfTheAyskrim | Childe Only? Whoaaaaaa. Thank you JeykCoast!

#TMSK EP2 with Akki — for our co-streamers, we are going to tackle all the things you need to know about NPE. Some changes coming to Facebook Gaming and many more!!
Link to series:

#CrypTalks EP7 with ??

#DrizzlyLand Season 2 will surely happen but it won't be this month. There's plenty of time to design your teapot, fam!!

• The series with Drizzly is still under development. Please look forward to it!

..and many more!!!

Thank you for supporting our page. It isn't not just about flexing your supporter badge, you make a difference— you support my fam as well, you help us make more quality content for everyone. To those who stayed, maraming-maraming salamat. This means a lot to me!!

- Crypto.

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