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May 15, Sunday is the Day!

We will be on the hunt for retracing cryptos on our watchlist.

We will accumulate gradually just as the wolf takes down its prey; one move at a time until the very last deadly move - only when he knows his prey has surrendered.

We will allocate our budget in shares during the accumulation phase, smaller in the beginning, growing bigger gradually.

It may sound weird to you but we will be buying the most share when the price goes up!

We will be on the watch for the price to leave our accumulation zone (demand zone); a solid & rapid departure is favorable.

Then we will presume buying power has increased which will lead us to finalize our accumulation as planned and strategized.

This will be our final bite!

Please note, following this report, we will be prioritizing the listing of cryptos to accumulate, their corresponding charts, and trade setups rather than detailed project briefs as we have done until now.

This is to ensure we do not miss out on sharing our trades with you.

Each report takes one full day on average to prepare.

We cover in our reports all the following - but not limited to - before we share with you; fundamentals, on-chain metrics, investors, backers, contributors, founders, coding community, social media, influencers, legal aspects, technicals with trading charts, trade setups…

During this time of hunting, we will appreciate your understanding and belief in our choices for which we will present you the titles, charts, and trade setups.

One little but major reminder:

There is no FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) in our trades - NEVER & EVER!

We hunt with a plan built on strategy, and free of emotions - period!

There is no room for indecisiveness or hesitation.

We surely will get hurt; physically & mentally, but never spiritually.

Risk (Money) Management is the critical factor - to stay alive & kickin’.

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