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May 15, 2021

Disney Heroes Battle Mode Captain Amelia Mods & Upgrades Guide


  • Armor - 41815

  • Reality - 62906

  • Armor Negation - 246

  • Normal Crit - 292

  • Crit Damage - 222

  • Evasion - 251

Amelia's normal crit stat is very high & you just need +88 to super crit every time she attacks, even her damage from blue skill is high & orange so the BD mod will be perfect for her.

So, the First, Second & Third Mod should be BD Mod with Normal Crit upgrade, she also gains basic damage from purple, red skill & hook disc, which means more damage.

Her, the issue is survivability due to low armor & reality, but then green skill helps her, so, Fourth Mod should be HP Mod with either armor or reality based on team, like who can help her giving armor or reality, if you can figure out her survivability, then you can even give Fourth Mod as Skill Power Mod with Blue Skill Upgrade

Mod Matrix

Captain Amelia

Captain Amelia - If you pair her with Joy & Timon

Good boost in damage from blue skill

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