Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Challenger Weekly Guide June-July'21

Bonus Points Criteria

Damage dealt to Silenced Enemies

  • Basically, you will get more points to enemies who are silenced, so you need toons who can silence the enemies or extend the duration

  • Points will be capped for this as it depends on % damage done on silenced enemies w.r.t total damage

    Toons Suggestion

    There are few very good silence toons at the current state of the game

    • Disgust - She does pretty good damage with green skill & does silence the enemies also, you need green mods for sure so that silence will work every time at least +80 skill level

    • Angel - As for now she seems first priority to use as she also heals & avoids quick win by extending fight, silence from white skill is also good

    • Tia ( Ya ) - She does extra damage to silenced enemies & can also extend the duration of silence by her & allies with disc

    • Drakken (Ki) - The preferred disc is KIM, as it will silence all toons if toons are above 50% HP after 7 seconds, also his white does the same

    • Li Shang (Mu) - Better use disc at 5 star, this can be evaded or reduced by the tenacity

Note: You might need toons who can remove hardy - like tron or fatigue toons, reduce evasion, tenacity also like HL with hiro disc

You need to pair toons in such a way so that enemies will get silenced again & again, like don't include toons who does silence with same color skill, choose like disgust who does with green, then angel who does with white & some other who can with blue & also choose utility toons who can extend the disables, done healing also.

Healing on Attacking Team gives points

  • For each % of healing wrt to max HP, there is the point, at current stage I have tested & it seems for 100% healing of HP will give somewhere around 72-79 points

  • So, for more points you need to heal more & more, so theoretically you can have pretty insane points

    Toons Suggestion

  • FGM - She does HOT - healing over time, so it doesn't matter if she is stunned or freezed, healing will get done once she launches white skill

  • Li Shang - Good healer & also can silence with the correct disc

  • Kristoff & Sven - Can work against certain teams & due to Sven, an extra character who also heals while in battle

  • Pocahontas - Good healer, not sure how it will help, so will post my teams & insights later in week

  • Launchpad

  • Linguini

  • Timon & Pumba

  • Clawhauser

For Healers, you need to mod their Healing skill for more healing & more points

Week 1 Rule

4 Bear Traps at the start of the battle

  • You need heroes who will get hardy a start like Tron

  • Heroes who are immune to stuns - Anger, Mad hatter

Basically Week 1 & Week 2 is all about testing what works or whatnot, I won't be able to test heroes in the first week as no hard lines in my group, so will be posting Teams & Specific Heroes.

Silence Toons

  • Angel

  • Beast

  • Disgust

  • Drakken(Ki)

  • Eve

  • Facilier -chance

  • Fear - random

  • Gerald, Marlin

  • Li Shang(Mu)

  • LockSB -random

  • Meg

  • Mushu

  • Ralph

  • Rex

  • Sadness

  • Scar

  • ShanYu(Ra)

  • S&N(Hu)

  • Tia(Ya)

  • Carl


  • Baloo(Si)

  • Barley-RedSkill

  • Basil(Ra)

  • Duck&B(Me)- for supports,

  • Duke(Wo)

  • Fairy Godmother

  • Felix

  • Genie

  • Gerald, Marlin & Nemo

  • Gizmo

  • Goofy(Mi)

  • Hank & Dory

  • Jim Hawkins

  • Joy

  • Judy

  • Jumba

  • Kermit

  • Kevin Flynn

  • Kronk

  • Launchpad

  • Ling&Remy

  • LSB

  • Mickey

  • Miguel

  • Olaf-RedSkill

  • QueenofH

  • Ralph(Ja)

  • Rapunzel

  • Robinhood

  • Russell & Kevin

  • Sully(Wo)

  • Timon&P

  • Yax