Chapter 1

In a distant forest, some animals were not like other animals. These animals could talk! They could talk to each other and be friends. There was one thing that both wanted to do: Cross the magic lake. You see the magic lake was best known for having an island in the middle of the lake. On that island was A special tree. A tree that grew magic blueberries. These berries were known for making whoever are them able to fly! But they could only grow during the winter. The berry's power would only last through the winter.

But this tree was small. Some would say that it does not even exist at all! But the bear didn't care about any of that. He wanted to fly. He wanted to prove it to his other bear friends His friends would laugh at him. "It's just a myth!" They would say. " Blueberries cant grow in the winter!" They would tease him every time So that day, the bear went to talk to his only friend that wasn't a bear: a bunny rabbit. This rabbit was also cast out as well. He was known for losing to the tortoise all those years ago. But the bunny knew the way to get to that tree.

Later that day, the bear found the bunny's home. "Are you the bunny that knows about that blueberry tree?" The bear said in his deep voice down the rabbit's hole. "How do you know that?" Asked the bunny echoing through his hole. " I see you run across the lake. I've heard your story. Is that why you go after the tree?' To show everyone that you are better than that turtle? Well, I can tell you that I feel the same way. My bear friends all say that the tree is a myth. Maybe you can help me." There was a brief silence. "I thought everyone forgot that story." The bunny said. "Well, I didn't."

The rabbit poked his head out of his hole." "Well, over the years, I've felt so bad for being mean to that turtle. But one day, I found that island. My rabbit friends don't believe me either." The rabbit crawled his way out of the hole. "Ok...but you can't tell anyone...

Chapter 2

A little while later they approached the frozen lake. As they looked out onto the lake and the lake, the bear asked " so do you just walk across?"

"Well you can, but the lake knows who is crossing it. It has a mythical spirit when it's frozen. And if you mean well, it will let you cross. " what does that mean?" The bear asked. The rabbit got excited. "I'll show you..."

The bunny then started to run across the lake. The patter of his feet echoed off the ice. He ran back and had a branch of blueberries. "See?!" The rabbit said as he painted and got back to the bear. "But you can't eat ones that someone else has. If you do, the tree will disappear."

Chapter 3

The bear decided to go through with it. He took one step on the lake and the ice was solid. He got all four of his paws on the ice and felt the frost on them He looked back at the bunny. "You're doing fine...but you have to keep walking..." The bear turned and continued towards the island. As he was about halfway through, he hear this whisper.

"Who is this new creature on the lake? What do you seek?" The whisper sounded like it was coming from the water underneath the ice.

"I seek the magical blueberry tree," The bear said and continued walking. A wind picked up and pushed back against the bear. "How did you know? The tree is only for those worthy..."

"The rabbit. He told me...."

He said as he walked slowly against the wind's gusts. The wind started to calm but was still there.

" What do you seek from this tree?" "I want to prove to my other bear friends that I am just as strong as them. He could see the island in his sights with each step.

"You are already brave young bear...Your friends are not trustful...." The lake whispered as the bear stepped onto the island. "I know I'm.brave...but they don't see it..." The bear walked up to the tree. "I see your struggle young bear and you are worthy, but you can not tell them about this you understand"

"I understand." Then the bear took a blueberry off the tree and within seconds...he was lifted off his feet! He got higher and higher from the lake. He waved goodbye to the bunny "Thanks bunny!" He yelled.

"Just remember what the lake said..."

The bunny scampered off to his home. He was glad he was able to help someone.


He got closer and closer to his other bear friends. But he landed so they couldn't see He wanted his power to last. So he only used it to collect twigs and branches. When his friends asked why he was so quick, the bear only replied "I guess I just like to run."