My story is a beautiful cornucopia of hot messes, fabulous triumphs and simple beauty. At this phase in my journey, I have the luxury of decades of experiences and volumes of stories that shape my interpretation and observations of the world.

I place those interpretations and pontifications into words. Daily. Not all of them make the edit. Hell, most of them are shit. But the words that do make it to the editing folder are the ones I share here.

I’m insanely curious about everything. Curiosity is like an itch that morphs into a seething rash if I don’t scratch it. So, I do. I research. I observe. I learn. I share.

My entire “professional career” is a culmination of this curiosity. My photojournalism career, my documentary projects, my comms consulting, my technology work-- it’s all the result of scratching the insatiable itch.

My work here will cover a multitude of topics, but will usually follow two common threads-- exploring the intersections of humanity and technology and diving into the chaos of being human in the 2020s.

My specific areas of interest are:

  • Personal Data Rights & Privacy

  • Free Speech & Protecting Our Voices

  • Hacking & Cybersecurity

  • Politics, Economics & Protecting Democracy

  • Human Rights & Activism

  • Humanitarian Technologist

  • Blockchain & Non-Shitty Cryptocurrencies

  • Mindful Digital Use

  • Documentary Photography

  • Voluntary Simplicity

  • Holistic Living

  • Medicinal Plants & Cannabis Advocacy

  • Digital Nomads

  • Sustainability & Climate Crisis

  • Urban Micro Farming and Food Security

  • Environmental Justice

  • Homesteading and Self-Sufficiency

  • And so much more...

As a supporter of my work, you’ll get exclusive access to my writings along with direct access to me through chat with the membership option. I am available as a comms and technology consultant for humanitarian organizations, non-profits and solopreneurs doing the hard work to make our world a better place. If you visit the extras section, you'll see options for taking our work on a deeper level through my coaching services.

I’m here to support you. How can I help you make this chaotic planet a better place for us all?