Several core pillars of our society are collapsing, shifting, and redefining themselves. Centralization is becoming a hindrance to economic growth and the endless printing of dollars to support the pandemic-ravaged economy is causing confidence in fiat currencies across the globe to wane. While I support the massive government spending necessary to help the citizens navigate the current economic collapse, at some point, inflation will come knocking.

We can explore those statements in depth later, but for the sake of this article, I want you to know that embracing cryptocurrencies is part of our adaptation to the inevitable shift of our economic systems to digital currencies. Before we hash out the details of purchasing your crypto (pun intended), let’s step out for two seconds and look at the big picture.

Decentralized Currencies Lift Us All

Our economic systems are old and antiquated. To participate in wealth accumulation, one must play the game of “The Centralized Man”-- bankers, compounding interest, fiat money backed by nothing but “trust” in government, and gatekeepers at every turn. For a large portion of the global population, participating in the existing monetary system and accumulating even small amounts of life-altering wealth is not possible. Millions and millions of people are locked out of the ability to deposit a few dollars into a savings account to accumulate any type of wealth. That’s simply reality.

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