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Lowering Membership Price

Sep 23, 2023

Hi everybody!

To celebrate my third Twitch Affiliate anniversary I have decided to make a slight change over here.

I have lowered the price of my Level 1 Enoobler tier to £3 a month instead of £5 a month to bring it more in line with Twitch subs and one off donations.

I am already extremely fortunate for all of the support that I have recieved and I thank everyone who has, whether it is here or over on Twitch.

I don't know whether I have expressed enough how special memberships are to me. Whatever you reason, whether you want to support the other work I do, whether it is so that I get a bigger cut, whether it is for the member only content or something other reason that I haven't considered, I have no idea. What I do know is that you guys have provided me with a reliable monthly income and gone out of your way to do it. It means the world and genuinely kept me going through tough times throughout the entirety of the last year.

I have wanted to lower the cost for a while and now just seems like the right time. At a turbulent time in my work life, diversifying income feels very important to me. I am working month to month at the moment, and I am hoping that if I keep working hard on my own content, I can build it up enough to one again justify the amount of time I spend on creating. Don't get me wrong, I do it because I love it, but knowing that others believe in it too can be the push that gets you through those difficult times.

Memberships feel like a foundation to allow me to grow. In fact, they have already proven to be. If anyone can contribute with their £3 a month it will be so gratefully recieved by this girl trying to follow her dreams.

Note to Existing Members

Membership tier prices are a minimum and then folks can choose if they would like to give extra, so to the existing Enooblers - feel free to lower your payments if you would like. I don't have a way of doing it automatically for you but I imagine there will be an option in your subscription to change the amount.

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