Buy Kristen a coffee


Hello, I am Kristen! A game/application developer (in training) with too many ideas. All proceeds go towards applicable resources to further my progress in game/app development!

I am currently working with C# as my main coding source, using Unity as my primary engine. However, I plan on doing work with Godot as well [written in GDScript]. 

There are a lot of great resources for learning more information about C#, Game Development in Unity, etc. Some of that information is free, some of it are courses that have to be paid for. For 3D modeling, I am currently using Blender -- and for pixel art, I am using Asprite :) 

Buying me a coffee of any amount can help me reach my goals as I continue furthering my education. I hope to have some applications and games to add to my portfolio starting as early as over the next few months, before 2021 ends!

My current wishlist will contain a mixture of things from the Unity Asset store and other items that would allow me to further my education. [Unity assets can greatly speed up game development as they provide major QoL improvements and make things easier to understand/do]. Saving as much time as possible is important since we are working in a small team of 2 people!

Current Wishlist:

1. Corgi Engine - $65 [may potentially go on sale within the next 2 weeks!]

2. TopDown Engine - $30 [on sale until 7/21 | Reg Price: $60]

3. Feel - $20 [on sale until 7/21 | Reg Price: $40]

4. Easy Collider Editor - $13.99 [on sale until 7/21 | Reg Price: $27.99]

5. Udemy monthly subscription - $29.99/month, allows access to several of the courses I am interested in taking - without having to pay for each individual course.

6. Udemy courses - a lot are on sale for $14.99-$18.99 each at the moment, once they are purchased, I get lifetime access to them! I have several highly-reviewed courses on my Udemy wishlist that I'd like to purchase (courses not available on the subscription plan).

7. Tablet compatible with Blender - $350-$650 - we currently use an iPad, which is great for a ton of stuff and we love it. However, it cannot be used with Blender to help smooth 3D models out. 

I am working hard to turn this into something that's more than just a passion, and to follow a dream that I can finally visualize. I plan to make this journey as lifechanging as possible, as my mental health has been struggling over the years. I believe that this journey is leading me on a path that will bring me not only a better understanding of games, application development, and technology - but also a better understanding about myself. I have a dream of making a mark on the world and hopefully, one day, become an inspiration for other women hoping to pursue this field!