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Jul 08, 2023

They say that you have to keep posting on Social Media else people forget about you!

However that does take a bit of time and effort ( see my last blog entry about that).

So my little fingers have been busy, and I've worked out Meta's API - "Big Deal" I hear you say! and "What does that mean?"

Well, it means that I can automate Facebook posts. As you can imagine I've collected a lot of photos and information about each of the benches and plaques on the island, so I can utilise that treasure trove of hard won data to produce automated Facebook posts. Don't worry, this isn't AI that's going to take over it's just going to make things a bit easier for me.

Currently it just uses the photos that have already been published, but I hope to expand that to include "never seen before" images that I took.

If this works well, then I'll attempt to do the same thing for Instagram posts, and if they release an API, Threads as well.

However, due to the issues with twitter, the API there is now closed to me (unless I pay him monthly) so I think the twitter feed is now in "archive mode". Shame - but there you go.

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